BONUS 01: Taylor Got Divorced Today

She’s officially divorced, and she’s sharing it all here.


This is the first episode in a new bonus series called: What The Eff Now. This series will be real conversations that we’re having about real moments in our lives in real time, in an effort to shed greater light on the learning experiences of our personal lives, and as a way to hopefully let YOU know, that you’re never alone in the hard stuff. Today, Taylor’s divorce was finalized and in this episode she was brave enough to have a conversation about it.


  • Taylor talks about what it was like actually getting divorced in court
  • Discussion on the emotions behind the divorce
  • “Are you sad when you look back or are you sad when you look forward?”
  • Discussion on the week leading up to the divorce
  • Unexpected financial challenge that led to new thinking about the purpose of trials
  • Crisis is a gift to our stronger selves
  • Taylor asked for this moment in her life to shape her, not despite the fact that it is hard, bur rather, because it is hard.

BONUS 01: Taylor Got Divorced Today
what the eff.

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