27: 3 Ways to Let Go of Mom Guilt

Summary: Join Sydney and Taylor for an emotional conversation on something nearly every mother knows all too well: mom guilt. Sydney reveals how she’s struggled adjusting from being a stay-at-home mom to one who works outside the home. She shares three practices she’s implementing to help remove mom guilt, and Taylor gives her perspective of growing up with a working mom and why she’s thankful for her mother’s decision to have a career.



  • We can’t find happiness and alignment within people and things. Peace lies within our own subconscious.
  • Be present. There is more peace in our lives than we accept.
  • Let help in and be willing to accept whatever form it comes in.
  • Ask yourself in any situation where you’re feeling guilt: “Is this actually true?”
  • Giving your child a “perfect” experience each day sets up unrealistic expectations for them (and for you).
  • If we could show ourselves more grace, that gives our children more permission to do the same.
  • You can instantly change your life by changing your perspective.


Show Notes

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27: 3 Ways to Let Go of Mom Guilt
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