24: Trust Your Desire

EP 24: Trust Your Desire l What the Eff Podcast

Summary: In this episode, we discuss the vitality of trusting that the universe is working to give you what you want! Taylor shares how she did the exact opposite of this when she moved to Georgia and how that panned out for her, and how she and Sydney are working to implement this truth as they expand their company. We also answer some listener questions, including what priming looks like for us these days and how we’re achieving balance in the midst of growing a business, moving to a new city and maintaining relationships. We also have some exciting Kickstarter news, so listen in and get ready to trust that the universe is going to manifest what you want!



  • Place your order with the universe and trust that it is coming to you.
  • Your desires should always be taken seriously. They were given to you to guide you along – so trust in them.
  • If you’re fighting resistance in achieving your flow, it’s your invitation to change.
  • We’re launching a Kickstarter Monday that will help you wear your truth and help this podcast go bigger!


Show Notes

Guided Meditation on Gratitude: 15 Minute Miracle Exercise Attract Abundance and Miracles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqMKZMHO_H8

24: Trust Your Desire
what the eff.

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