16: Burn the effing boats!


As Tony Robbins teaches, when people are given the option to either die or succeed, they tend to succeed. But most of us give ourselves a way out, so we don’t end up getting what we want. It’s critical to “burn the boats” that are your way out. Burn the boats and take the island! In this episode we talk about the big (and scary) ways that we’re doing that in our lives, what faith feels like right in the middle of having to exercise it and the ways the universe has showed up to support us.


– Taylor on taking a big move as a single person for the first time but trusting it will all work out.

– Sydney on all the feelings behind putting her house on the market and moving her family across the country for her job

– What it means to Burn your boats and take the island

– Taylor on how her divorce and removing the financial stability of her marriage was the burning of her boat and how it was the best thing to ever happen for her

– Betting on yourself and what that looks like in the every day.

– Quote: “It’s pretty hard to win a game you don’t know where the goal is.” Get clear on your goal and burn the boats!!

– There is only plan A, there is no plan B. You might have version 1 or version 2, but it’s still PLAN A.

– What are the boats you need to burn?

16: Burn the effing boats!
what the eff.

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