08: How to let go and trust that the universe is actually supporting you

Shedding the stories we tell ourselves and recognizing when the universe is sending you an invitation.


We’ve had a few game-changing revelations lately, and we’re sharing them here! It’s a discussion about the life and business lessons that we’re smack dab in the middle of learning. Namely, how we’re actually LETTING GO. And starting to trust. In ourselves, and our path, and that the universe is actually, really, supporting us, every single day.


  • Believing that you’re capable is qualifying yourself to have the job you want.
  • Discussion on the new year. Enjoying the struggle as much as the success.
  • Experiencing struggle and push back while being in alignment is an invitation for change.
  • Being in an enlightened state helps you to recognize when you need to keep hustling or whether it’s time to shift direction
  • Letting go of the stories we tell ourselves.
  • There are no blocks/failures. Everything is a message or an invitation from the Universe.
  • Discussion on emotional clearing
  • Discussion on the place of least interest and the law of attraction.
  • The place of least interest is remaining in a state of gratitude and trust that the Universe is constantly supporting you.
  • You will be pivoted when you need to be.
  • Look at your job as a source of joy and money will flow.
  • Money is here to support you, not deprive.
  • Experiencing creativity flow in our state of least interest.

08: How to let go and trust that the universe is actually supporting you
what the eff.

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