About Us

The What the Eff podcast was born because, simply put, we have no idea what the eff we’re doing. We’re building a company. And that sounds cool. But every other day we’re over here singing Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ and hanging on to our one reason to stay. (That song is about entrepreneurship right?)

We didn’t start out building a company together. Our paths first crossed as a serendipitous accident. We met over the phone when Taylor was doing market research on target clients for her active wear company, Cove, and reached out to Sydney to answer a few questions. 3 hours later, the phone conversation ended with something like, “hey, do you want to do this??” And Taylor promptly hired Sydney to be Cove’s new creative director.

Over the next several months of daily conversations, marketing experiments, product successes and failures, and an expensive overseas factory visit that ended up being a flop, we realized how nice it would’ve been to listen to a podcast on the ‘What the Eff??’ moments of successful companies, AS they were happening, before they knew how everything turned out. Just to like, feel good about ourselves.

So because that’s impossible, we decided to make our own. So welcome to What the Eff! Our ultimate goal with this podcast is to give you a heaping pile of permission to say, “screw it, I’m doing this.” No matter what THIS is.

We hope that the things we talk about here will inspire you and comfort you. We’re all in this together.
xo, Sydney and Taylor


Hey I’m Taylor! Or Tay depending on how long we’ve known each other. Two years ago, when I started my company, Cove, after leaving a cushy NYC design job, I learned REAL fast just how much I didn’t know, and how much I needed to learn. So I started to take in allllll the business, self help, and marketing books/podcasts I could get my hands on. That, with a side of energy healing, meditation, visualization, and daily mantras, and you’re looking at a typical Monday morning. There’s a lot of hippie happening over here, but I’m not dancing around under the full moon just yet, so we’ll leave it at ‘half-hippie’ for now. I am a dancer though, so maybe give it some time.

I typically start my days at 6 am with my beloved mentor Tony Robbins in my ears while I walk my rescue pup, Jett. Except when I don’t cause I stayed up cleaning my house until 2 am. Did I mention I am OCD? My favorite way to relax after work is watching literally any Nancy Meyers movie (hold the plot lines, I’m in it for the set), flipping through my latest Crate and Barrell catalog, or scrolling through my favorite interior design feeds. I am the product of a hardworking mother who transformed her dreams into a reality and instilled in me the same belief system. You are what you think. I truly believe that. I am all about good energy, a badass mentality, and positive vibes. I wear a lot of different hats as a business owner, and am learning to give myself grace through it all.


Hey I’m Sydney! Syd for short, if you wanna get comfy together. My general friendship philosophy is “oh yeah, we’re GOING THERE.” I’m sarcastic, compassionate, transparent, and in the past, have been known to be the runaway bride of confrontation, but I’m working on it, because I’m almost 30, and it feels about the right time to stop giving so many effs. Years ago I built a blog around honest storytelling, high-bun tutorials, and belted outfits (hello fashion of 2009), and have grown to deeply love and cherish the community of women and friendships that have become a huge part of my life since then. (There might be a few men in there too. Dad?) I’ve been married for 10 years and have two kids. Everett who is 6, and Isla who is 3, and my heart fills up and breaks almost every day watching them interact with each other. I’d classify myself as a half-hippie. Go ahead and ask me about chakras, meditation, and trapped emotions and see what happens. Not super into organic kale though. I love writing. I love going to the movies. I love Brene Brown and would marry her tomorrow. And the best thing I’ve ever eaten was a slightly cold breakfast burrito immediately after delivering my son. You can find my writing, courses, and highly curated pictures of myself over on my site Sydneyliann.com and my blog, The Daybook.