03: The importance of finding out who you are.

Jenna Rammell on her journey to self discovery and acceptance.     


Jenna Rammell is the girlfriend you wish you had. And owns the kitchen you just pinned on Pinterest. But only a few years ago, with two kids and one on the way, Jenna found herself in a place that she lovingly refers to as “the dark days”. In this episode she discusses how she rose from that moment and transformed her life and business empire into the one she has today, through self-love and acceptance.



  • Jenna’s turnaround moment in the summer of 2014
  • How Jenna came to find and honor herself
  • Vulnerability on social media and how it’s transformed her business
  • What it was that turned Jenna’s business around so fast
  • Jenna’s every day tips, to better know yourself, and come to a place of greater self care.


Show notes:

Jenna’s website

Jenna’s instagram

03: The importance of finding out who you are.
what the eff.

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