Bonus 02: a behind the scenes update on our startup company

Please excuse the sound quality on this episode! Sydney’s microphone was having a moment, and we’re trying to live with “done is better than perfect” vibes around here.


This bonus episode in the mini-series “What the Eff Now” is a recap of what’s been happening behind the scenes of our activewear start-up, Cove, since we last updated. If you’re curious about how we’ve transformed our design process into the easiest it’s ever been, and how we attracted the perfect investor in just a few short weeks, it’s all in this episode.


  • What’s been happening since our last update – finding a better system for design
  • Finding our factory
  • Bringing the design process back in the states
  • How we’ve been in flow
  • Investor coming in – easy, uncomplicated, uninvolved, silent investor
  • How we’ve made everything work in the timeline, even though it’s tight, everything was in flow
  • How things flowed on the NY trip

Bonus 02: a behind the scenes update on our startup company
what the eff.

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