23: Bigger is Better


In this episode we discuss how we’re going to start dreaming bigger. Like, BIG, bigger. We share the story behind one of our major goals for the company, and how it was unexpectedly brought to new levels that even WE hadn’t dared to dream for ourselves. This episode is for you if you’re ready to start trusting more in your path and the universe’s abundant plan for you, and if you’re ready to see the “unrealistic” things you want in your life, start showing up in even bigger, better, unexpected ways.


  • Set your intention and start where you know how. The rest of the “hows” will come to you.
  • Give the universe the opportunity to work for you, by taking inspired action in the best way you know how.
  • Get moving! Your course will correct or the new best option for your path will be presented to you.
  • Dream  bigger, beyond what’s realistic, beyond what you’d classify as “hard” and watch what comes to you.
  • The Universe/God knows you and will use your desires to bring you the greater, bigger, amazing things that you haven’t even thought of yourself.
  • How can you think bigger? Not just in business but in your personal life as well?
  • Go there first in your mind, so that it can manifest into reality.
  • Don’t define what your success and your story looks like based on anyone else’s struggle. You get to define what your path looks like. Let it flow.
  • Move from working in grind mode, to working in flow mode
  • Dream bigger and watch what happens

23: Bigger is Better
what the eff.

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